Park City Timeshare Rentals

You’ve made an investment in a timeshare, but you can’t always use your weeks. We can assist you with marketing and selling any un-used weeks while creating a revenue source via your vacation investment. A professional property management service adds credibility, and our experience in the timeshare space bumps your listings presence allowing for greater for sales opportunities.

Lespri has extensive experience marketing and renting Timeshare and Fractional ownership weeks at multiple Park City locations.  We work directly with owners up to a year in advance to discuss prime weeks, rates and potential net to owner numbers.  Deposit funds are escrowed just like our other full management rentals and dispersed as the month of travel is closed out.  We can provide advice on arrival and departure patterns to assist our Timeshare/Fractional owners maximize the benefit of ownership, whether the lodging is points related or actual ownership.

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