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Lespri is a PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FIRM offering property management to owners of vacation homes. Our contract features one low annual flat fee versus a traditional revenue split at some pre-arranged ratio. Our Owners then have greater control of management costs and enjoy a higher percentage of PROFIT and upside from their investment decision.

As a PROPERTY MANAGEMENT member at Lespri, you're welcomed into an intimate community of club benefits, privileges and services. You and your guests will enjoy Park City's finest dining experience; ancient spa healing traditions; a full service fitness facility with personal training; luxury, hand-crafted accommodations; and BENEFITS at sister resorts throughout North America, including such destinations as Jackson Hole, Mont Tremblant, Hawaii, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and more.

But Lespri is not just a package of tangible benefits, nor can it be understood through a description of physical attributes alone. Lespri is a feeling ... an EXPERIENCE ... friendships among the members. We invite you to partner with Lespri in leading the industry with the next generation of PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

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Several years ago, Lespri recognized a FUNDAMENTAL flaw in the traditional property management model and adopted a revolutionary approach. Rather than split REVENUE between the owner and the management company at some arbitrary percentage, we simply provide professional management services for one low annual flat fee. You, the owner, then enjoy a higher percentage of profit and upside from your real estate investment DECISION.

Lespri believes that owners should pursue every avenue to maximize their property bookings and meet their overall FINANCIAL goals. One of the benefits of Lespri's flat fee property management contract is that the CONFLICTS of interest between owners and traditional property managers on "By Owner" style bookings are ELIMINATED.

A vacation home managed by Lespri typically produces 25% more NET to owner REVENUE than a traditional property management contract. Please call 435-645-9696 for a free competitive property ANALYSIS.

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Travel WHOLESALERS are our best partners in the marketing effort to maximize occupancy and rate for a better return on your vacation home investment. They completely DOMINATE all aspects of the travel world in today's highly competitive online environment. Because of their commission based relationship, owners and wholesalers have the same motivation - to maximize revenue from all RESERVATIONS.

In all cases, our MARKETING team responds immediately to the needs of our wholesale travel partners. We pay co-op marketing fees to obtain PREMIUM placement of Lespri managed vacation homes on the wholesalers' powerful internet sites.

In addition, Lespri's philosophy redefines the meaning of DIRECT bookings. We have adopted a flexible rental plan that not only embraces, but fully supports "By Owner" style bookings. While this style of booking is not for everyone, some owners are willing to make the extra effort and obtain "Direct" bookings through personal NETWORKING on established web portals such as VRBO, Home Away. or Facebook. Because our property management services are offered for one low annual flat fee, Lespri is not in competition with you. Rather we are an ADVISOR to help you maximize the profit and personal satisfaction that you deserve.

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Whether opening your home to vacationers or using it as your FAMILY retreat, leaving your home unattended for extended periods of TIME can create uneasy feelings.

The Lespri property management program offers a licensed, bonded and insured housemanager as your DEDICATED personal caretaker. This enables you, the owner, to individualize your service levels and direct the maintenance, repairs and, most importantly, year-round SECURITY of your vacation home. But more than just a caretaker, your housemanager will become your personal vacation concierge. Grocery service, airport transportation, home décor and more . . . Your housemanager can arrange for all of these services directly or through a leading third-party service PROVIDER.

In addition, because we know each property and owner is UNIQUE, we customize our housekeeping SERVICES to meet your individual demands. Daily, mid-week, check-out and deep clean services are available throughout the year.

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The most important responsibility of a property MANAGER is that of a fiduciary. Thus, Lespri values transparency and MAINTAINS an account for each owner to detail revenue, property expenses, Club charges, all upcoming bookings and collection of rents. Owners have the opportunity to review their statements online and ask questions before the statement balance is settled. Past STATEMENTS are archived online for easy access to historical financial information.

Recognizing that ACCESS to information and regular communication are essential to create a satisfactory experience, Lespri publishes a real time availability calendar for each owner's unit ONLINE. This tool enables owners to plan their own vacations and make "By Owner" style bookings around the vacation stays and revenue already generated by our travel partners. A REPORTING tool is also available to check on upcoming revenue forecasts and research historical financial information.

For many years now, Lespri has been holding advance deposits SECURE in a separate FDIC insured account. Our flat fee approach to property management makes it inconceivable for us to view advance DEPOSITS as anything but what they are. . . your money.

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